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Disney Moms Panel Reunion – Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

So after a day of running around like mad women, Tanya was the only one brave enough to try and pull us all together, with our very BFF Gary, for some quality mealtime fun.  Crystal Palace was the only location willing to take our motley crew, and even they made us wait for an hour, hoping we’d disband and go torture the folks at Columbia Harbor House.  We were not to be deterred, however, and when we started honing in on the reservations of other less rowdy Disney guests, they figured they’d better seat us.


After some serious dinner (the things a buffet does to my diet are hardly appropriate to discuss on a Disney themed blog….) the moms took a rare opportunity to celebrate the birthday of our Moms Panel Mascot, Gary.  It’s amazing how lucky it is that we always manage to have a Mom or two available to celebrate when Gary’s birthday rolls around! 


We all rolled out of the restaurant 6 pounds heavier, so we veered off in different directions to ride a ride or two before we were meeting for our party at the train station at the start of Main Street.  If you have not had the opportunity to watch a parade or view the fireworks from this location, you need to get the kind of friends we have!  The vantage point is amazing, and on a good night, I can get some awesome pictures of things.  On this night, I mostly let Brighid have my camera, so she was swayed by things like Captain Jack Sparrow.  There are still a handful of great photos from the evening, though….


We even got to meet some of our Disney idols up there on the train station!

The magic was over all too quickly, but we were so full from the delicious Garrett Popcorn – check them out, by the way at www.garrettpopcorn.com – they are by far the most fabulous popcorn on the planet, and the lovely cookies, it was all we could do to muster the strength to trick or treat! 

Jim and I left with Brighid, who attended the party with us, and hit some of her favorite rides before loading her up with three bags full of trick or treats.  Whew!  We saved a fortune on groceries for Brighid’s apartment this month!

This was a day of terrific events.  We went from the incredible visit to Give Kids the World to the amazing Hallowishes Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom.  Each minute of the journey, though, was made sweeter because we shared it with friends.