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Lunch Time! Day 1 of The Fresh Diet – Gastric Bypass Review

My lunch today smells so good, I am drooling just thinking about it!  I ordered the Asian Style Chicken Salad with Baby Bok Choy, Watercress, Alfalfa Sprouts, Water Chestnuts and Sesame Soy Dressing.  I could have used a straw to slurp up the dressing.

As with breakfast, there is a component to the lunch that fills me up – sometimes in an uncomfortable way, but it stops me from eating.  And I think in choosing my meals, that was a focus.  I knew this was going to be cutting way back on what I normally eat in a day – because much of what I eat are slider foods – and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t looking for snacks in between the meals.  Chicken for me is a mostly miss item, unless it’s really moist or finely chopped.  But, on the plus side, I can’t overeat if I eat chicken.

The salad was crisp and fresh, which made me feel better about it being left out in the heat.  There was no mushy lettuce or soggy greens.  The chicken was just a wee bit dry, but cut well enough that I wasn’t overwhelmed by it.  I hate it when you get a plate of salad, and you lose half of it in your lap because you are sawing through a big old dry chicken breast.

This was not a huge salad, and it really reinforces how out of whack my portion sizes are.  If I had ordered the Asian Chicken Salad at someplace like Applebees, I would have been given a plate that easily had three times the amount of food and dressing that this portion had.  And I would have done a damn fine job at attempting to eat it all.  But honestly, this was more than enough.  I even had chicken left over to give to Jim.  The focus here was on the lean protein (chicken) and the fiber (the greens), as opposed to a sugary sweet dressing and the worthless carbs (the crunchy noodles most places put on top of an Asian salad).  The flavors were wonderful, there were water chestnuts adding the crunch component you lose without the no good for you slider food noodles, and I was filled when I should have been filled, with food that provided real nutritional value.

This was another hit in terms of a meal.

And since I’ve forgotten to post this so far, you can order The Fresh Diet by visiting their website at www.thefreshdiet.com .