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The Fresh Diet – Day 1 – Bedtime Snack – Gastric Bypass Review

Chocolate Covered Strawberries.  ‘Nuff said.  Who couldn’t love a diet that offered chocolate covered strawberries as a bedtime snack or dessert?

So the dessert is Chocolate Dipped Strawberries with Creamy Vanilla Ricotta Cheese.  If you’ve ever done the South Beach Diet (yeah, another diet I tried and failed), this is like the ricotta cheese dessert they have in there – which is basically low fat ricotta cheese with vanilla extract.  It tasted the same.  I think you were supposed to dip the strawberries in the cheese, but the textures for me didn’t blend well.  The strawberries were sweet, the chocolate exactly what you think about when you are on a diet, so it was nice to have, but I had to eat them separately from the cheese.  The grainy texture in the cheese was a distraction from the strawberries.

The cheese itself was good, but I love ricotta cheese (probably why I needed gastric bypass surgery).  It must have been artificially sweetened, though, because there was a mild after taste.

Day 1 is complete, and I would have to say that so far, I love the Fresh Diet!