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The Fresh Diet – Gastric Bypass Review – The Arrival!

After waiting only a few days, I feel like a kid at Christmas!  The delivery of my first day of the Fresh Diet is due to arrive between 7 PM and 6 AM, and just like the girls on Christmas Eve, I am peeking out the window, checking the doorstep, looking for any signs that the magic has arrived!

At around midnight, I decide to just go to bed.  Afterall, what kid doesn’t know that Santa NEVER comes if you’re still awake!  When I woke up at just after 5 AM, I was not disappointed!  I did get that special visitor in the middle of the night, and I was giddy with excitement! 

I quickly threw shorts on, so the neighbors didn’t see anything they shouldn’t in my nightgown while I was outside for all of 3 seconds grabbing the awesome bag that was left outside.  I brought it in, placed it right on my kitchen counter, and then remembered it had been 90+ degrees yesterday, then it rained, and the thing was likely crawling with bugs.  I picked it up from my counter, and proceeded to kill everything that fell off of it – including a couple of lady bugs, a spider, and a bunch of flying little gnats.  Here’s the bag after the extermination process:

Stuffed in the pocket – just like a Christmas stocking – is my menu for the day.  This is a good thing, as I’ve forgotten what I ordered in the few days.  I blame my children – they’ve turned my brain to mush. 

I opened the cooler bag, and began unloading my meals for the day.  I have to tell you, I was concerned.  The temperatures overnight did not drop that low, and it was oh so humid.  The ice pack was completely thawed, and there was fish in my bag.  I quickly unpacked everything and put it in the fridge.  Let’s hope for the best!

This is what it looked like on it’s way into the fridge…

So I’ll let you know over the next few days my impression of The Fresh Diet!  Unless I suffer food poisoning from the fish left on the doorstep!