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The Fresh Diet – Lunch is Served – Day 2 Gastric Bypass Review

On the menu this afternoon is a Hearty Lentil, Turkey Sausage, and Brown Rice Soup.  The broth is light and delicious, and I actually finished all of the broth.  The turkey sausage had a really nice blend of spices to it so you really did feel like you were eating “sausage” as opposed to “turkey sausage”.  One big positive here was the casing was really thin, and I don’t know if this is a problem for all gastric bypass patients, but sausages and hot dogs or anything with a thicker casing can sometimes cause me problems.  No worries here. 

The soup was loaded with the brown rice, liberally doused with lentils, and had just a good flavor.  I didn’t expect to be full, but was totally and completely full by the time I finished about half of the rice and lentils, so I just sipped on the broth until it was gone.  It killed me to have to waste the good stuff, but I rationalized it by telling myself I finished the sausage 🙂

I am enjoying the food, the convenience, and the ease of preparation so far!