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Bedtime Snack Day 2 – The Fresh Diet – Gastric Bypass Review

Mango Vanilla Pudding is my treat tonight, and I really had to wait until after 9 o’clock to enjoy this smooth, light, delicious dessert.  I was so full from dinner, there was no way I was going to enjoy this if I had eaten it any earlier.

There are no photos of the pudding – I’m sorry – but it was a French Vanilla in color pudding, and a decent sized container.  If there was anything negative to say it would be that you can taste the artificial sweetener aftertaste, and for some, this might be a bad thing.  I’m very familiar with the taste, though, and no longer find it offensive. 

The mango flavor was delicate, balancing perfectly with the vanilla.  We don’t do mangoes very often in our house, and it was a nice change of pace.  This was a wonderful way to end another successful day of dieting!