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The Fresh Diet – Snack Day 2 – Gastric Bypass Review

The flavor is there, all the components for a delectable little snack are in the container.  My only complaint is that I unpacked everything, put it all in the fridge, and took it out expecting to eat it, but the whole wheat crostini was a whole wheat soggy 🙁

The snack, Charred Lamb Loin on whole Wheat Crostini with Oven Roasted Tomato, smelled and looked amazing, but without thinking, I put it in the fridge until snack time.  I’m so glad I was at my mom’s at the time.  I took the soggy crostini and threw it in her toaster over, but had I been at work or even at home where I would have had to put my  oven on, I would have been ticked!

The tomatoes were a yellow tomato, oven roasted to perfection.  The lamb was beautifully cooked and seasoned deliciously.  I added salt, as I always do when tomatoes are concerned, but it really just enhanced the flavors of everything.

This is another snack I wish there were more of – I could have easily made this a whole meal!