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Review – Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nestor Veitia

I have many times in the past reviewed restaurants, products, hotels, and various consumer goods here on my blog. It’s sort of what bloggers do. But it’s very easy for me to review a protein shake, because I can tell you that it tastes chalky or medicinal or too sweet. That’s universally understandable.

In deciding to review my surgeon, I thought of the many times I went to the Obesity Help website – http://www.obesityhelp.com/ – to look at other people’s experiences with gastric bypass surgeons and plastic surgeons. I could read the descriptions and while personalities often dictate the type of person you may “fit” with, I felt like I got a fairly good understanding of what I wanted and didn’t want in a surgeon.

So, for those of you looking for someone to do plastic surgery, I hope you’ll find the review helpful – but take it with a grain of salt. This is based on my experience, and it is based on my personality as well. You may not mesh with the same type of person I would mesh with, and vice versa.

The surgeon I chose to do my procedures was Dr. Nestor Veitia. The first thing that you notice is he exudes warmth. He smile is genuine, his handshake sincere. There was a very quick leap for me from being absolutely terrified to being only slightly panicked, and I credit his calm and approachable demeanor.

As a fat chick, I sometimes (oh, who am I kidding – ALWAYS) go into situations with body image issues and the feeling that my fat arse is being judged. I felt none of that with Dr. Veitia. With a vast amount of experience in reconstructive surgery for people following significant weight loss, I imagine he has probably seen the worst of it in terms of hanging aprons of skin, plagued with and broken down by chronic rashes. I felt treated no differently than I would expect Heidi Klum to be treated for a crows foot (because you know Heidi Klum is too perfect to get crows FEET). There was no sense that I was being judged for eating too much cheesecake or too many Oreos. There was only compassionate understanding of my request for the surgery.

This doctor took the time to explain everything to me in a manner that was understandable by lay people, but not in a way that you felt as though the explanation was being dumbed down, or that you were being talked down to. I felt comfortable asking questions, and never got the impression that my questions were ignorant in their nature.

Along the way, I have felt like my input into the direction the course of my treatment takes has been considered and acknowledged, and I love the way decisions I didn’t feel comfortable making on my own (like whether or not I should go to Colorado) were discussed and given honest medical feedback so that I was armed with the proper tools to make the decisions.

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I felt like the risks of the procedure were explained going in, and some of the complications I’ve experienced post-op have been explained and again, my questions answered and my interests and concerns about the direction of my treatment definitely considered.

And of course, there is the super valuable fact that he does indeed laugh at my jokes.

I could not recommend this surgeon any more if he were my brother. Professional, compassionate, knowledgeable, and possessing wicked mad SKILZ – those are all of the things I looked for and found with Dr. Veitia.

You can find Dr. Veitia at the Surgical Specialists Group in Paoli and West Chester, PA through the link below


2 Replies to “Review – Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nestor Veitia”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve seen Dr. Veitia and agree with you 1000000%! He is awesome!

    1. He treated me several times, and my respect and admiration grew with each procedure. I’m glad you are in agreement!

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