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Say Yes To The Dress: Big Bliss…

Say Yes To The Dress: Big Bliss – next Friday at 9 on TLC – someone remind me! Thrilled that shops carry samples bigger than a 2!

I was not a fat bride.  On the day I went to try on my wedding gown, I was a size 12, which I thought, since I had lost weight, was a pretty svelte version of me.  Imagine my shock when I went to the bridal shop, and not only did they not have samples I could try on that fit me (the dress shop attendant held the flapping pieces in the back still so I could get an idea of what I might look like dressed), but when they ordered my dress, they had to order a size 18.

Had I waited a while to get married (like after I had been married and had three children), I’d have had to get a wedding gown that fit my size 24 body.  That means it would have had to be a size gazillion in bridal gown size.  And going into a bridal shop at size 24 would have had me in tears, as I think I would have died not to be able to try on any gowns.

I’m so thrilled that this isn’t the case anymore, and I’m so glad there are shops that are giving big girls their due.  Big girl, you are beautiful.

2 Replies to “Say Yes To The Dress: Big Bliss…”

  1. Aren’t most woman wearing clothes, and especially bras way under their real size? And when they go to a bridal shop, that size 10 girl has to buy a size 24 wedding dress on blames it on the metric system instead of doughnuts on Thursday nights after bowling in bed with her fiancée at midnight?

  2. OK, first off, that didn’t come out right – let me explain it a little better.

    Go to Thursday night bowling league,
    and then,
    AFTER bowling, pick up doughnuts,
    and then,
    sit in bed with the fiancée and have a doughnut.

    I hope this explains the sequence of events better. If you thought my comment was a bit dirty, well there ya go 😉

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