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Thanksgiving Blessing Mix – Fun Things for Kids

Each year, my girls and I make this Thanksgiving Blessing Mix for their friends at school.  Our school makes a big deal out of Thanksgiving, with the kindergarten having their own in-class feast, and the older kids having a full fledge turkey dinner for lunch the week before the holiday, celebrated with their classmates and teachers.  It’s a wonderful way to appreciate and be thankful for being surrounded by friends, family, love, and the blessings from God.

The mix is simple, so it’s great fun for the children to do.  You can put it in any type of container to deliver it to school.  They sell adorable fall and Thanksgiving print cellophane bags (the goody bag type of bag), and you can even find Chinese take away boxes in fall patterns.

This is what you’ll need:

Thanksgiving Blessing Mix Recipe:

2 cups Bugles brand corn snacks
2 cups small pretzels (not the stick kind)
1 cup candy corn
1 cup dried fruit bits or raisins
1 cup peanuts or sunflower seeds
1 cup M&Ms
1 cup Hershey’s Kissables candy

Gently mix all ingredients together. Place about 1 cup mix into small cellophane bags. Close bag with twist tie.

Attach the following printed explanation of what the mix symbolizes:

It is so simple, and so much fun for the kids.  Make some extra, because they’ll enjoy snacking on it as much as they will enjoy handing it out to their friends!