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Jersey Week at Walt Disney World – Fuggedabowdit?

Hey, how YOU doin’? Youse guys ah tinkin’ about goin’ a Disney Weyld? Dinnit youse hear? It’s gonna be Jersey week!  Whaddya kiddin’ me?

Hide your spray tan, fellow Walt Disney World vacationers, Jersey’s coming!

Each fall, during November, the New Jersey Education Association has it’s annual convention.  The convention usually takes place on a Thursday and Friday during election week.  For public school students, this often means having off three days that week, and for many families in Jersey, it’s a great time to head to Walt Disney World without having the kids miss too much school.

So what’s it like for the rest of youse?

Honestly, there aren’t THAT many New Jerseyans fleeing the state to go to Walt Disney World.  You may notice that there are more people from New Jersey in the theme parks, but there isn’t a mass exodus from the Garden State to the Sunshine State.  The parks may be a bit more crowded than usual for this time of year, but for the most part, November is kind of a quiet month until you get to Thanksgiving.

I’ve had people tell me it was crazy busy during Jersey week, but we’ve been there during Jersey week (of course, being from Jersey, it’s almost required that we do it at least once) and we have not felt like the lines were long or we couldn’t find tables to sit at for lunch.  I can go online right now and book rooms without any trouble, so rest assured that every room at every resort is not filled with The Situation and his crew.

So, don’t mind if the popcorn carts are selling water ice; and Cosmic Ray’s is handing out Italian hoagies instead of rotisserie chicken (just kidding).

But I’d pay attention if Vinnie and the gang akses you to show some respect and let dem get to da head a da line.  The bulge in his pocket does NOT mean he’s happy to see you.

Beware the fist pumping princesses.