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Frugal Christmas Gifts – Perfect for Grandparents!

With how scattered we tend to be, it isn’t the easiest thing to get everyone together for a family photo.  But there is probably nothing more your grandparents would like than a photo of all of their grandkids together.

But holy cow!  Have you seen how pricey those photo packages at the mall can be?  And then you have to get everyone dressed up, hair combed, shoes tied, dresses fluffed – it’s a pain in the butt, and the smiles you get aren’t going to be happy ones.

Thank goodness for your digital camera!  Pretty much everyone has one these days, and it doesn’t have to be a fancy one to get a good photo.  And dressing up?  Forget about it!  While I’m sure Grandmom loves to see the kids in their holiday finery, she loves seeing them on a day to day basis even more.  Put them all in jeans and a t-shirt from Grandpop’s favorite sports team.  Le tthem be comfortable and happy, and save the money on the fancy holiday clothes they are only going to wear once.If you want, include Grandmom or Grandpop in the photo.  That way, they can always look at the picture and see how happy their Grandchildren are to be around them, surrounded by the happiness that will make the fond memories of Grandmom they’ll have all of their lives.

You can find reasonably priced frames in virtually any store, from a mall department store to WalMart, so your whole gift can cost less than $25 when it’s finished.  It’s a great way to capture the happy faces the grandparents look forward to seeing, except there’s no clean up after they leave!

2 Replies to “Frugal Christmas Gifts – Perfect for Grandparents!”

  1. Great idea. I know my mom wants a pic of all the grandkids. She just came right out & said it though… we believe in being direct. I also like to make photo books or photo prnaments at walmart.com (several sites offer them). Great for grandparents who don’t need or want “stuff” for Christmas.

    1. I’ve done photo books for my MIL after a big trip we took. I love them as a way to commemorate a special occasion, and they’re so nice to look back on!

      We also try to do photo calendars each year for the grandparents. My MIL loves hers and looks forward to it each year.

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