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Real Housewives Just Got a Little Too Real for the Armstrong Family

Sigh.  Admittedly, I love reality TV.  I can sit for hours and watch the Amazing Race, American Idol, Hell’s Kitchen.  But I’ve never been a big fan of the Housewives.  I’ve seen a few episodes here and there – mostly when the Jersey girls were brought on – but it never “caught” me.

I think there’s a lot to be said for keeping some things private.  But in the land of reality TV, “private” is one of those words that your Mom would wash your mouth out with soap for saying.  The more private your moments, the more we want in to see them.

I’m not sure Russell Armstrong is the first reality TV “character” to commit suicide, but in light of the very public breakup of his marriage, accusations of spousal abuse, and recent revelations that all was not truly golden in his Beverly Hills pockets, I imagine Russell will be one of the infamous – a casualty of our need to know too much about people we don’t know who have things we’ll never have and live in homes grander than we have ever dreamed about.

I hope there is a way for his young daughter and two young sons to get through the high price reality TV has cost them.  Isn’t it always the children that suffer the greatest from the decisions we make as parents?  Keep them in your prayers – they will surely need them.

What does this do to the Real Housewives franchise?  I imagine that’s one stock that just went up.  We just can’t turn away from those train wrecks.