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Lowes Build And Grow – A Fun Free Way to Spend Saturdays in the New Year!

You know all those Saturdays that are coming up in 2012?  The ones where the kids are going to whine and cry about being bored and not having anything to do?  Yeah, it’s all coming back to you now.  Soccer is over, it’s too cold to tell them to go ride their bikes, and all those brand new toys they got for Christmas will become mountains of, “I don’t wanna play that again!”

Probably because it’s illegal to draw and quarter children (I’m assuming – I haven’t looked up any actual “laws”), Lowes Home Improvement Stores have come up with the BEST idea!  Not only will it keep your kids occupied for 30 minutes or more, it will give them a sense of accomplishment, keep the mess out of your house, and not cost you anything except a ride over to your closest Lowes!

Every other Saturday, you can register your child (recommended for children in grades 1-5) to take part in a building workshop.  Each workshop features a different project, and my kids have done everything from trains to miniature school type lockers.  The projects are made from wood, and the kits, the tools, and the expertise of Lowes employees are 100% free!  And if you participate in the clinic, you receive a Lowes apron, safety goggles, a certificate of merit, and a patch that you can sew on the back of Scout vests or sashes, or onto your Lowes apron!

The projects are really great toys – some of my kids’ favorites – especially because they made them themselves.  And they are the type of thing you don’t mind sitting on your desk when they’ve finished.

You can go to the Lowes website to register your child for upcoming workshops (January 14th is a castle, and the 28th is a dinosaur).  I recommend that you register in advance.  Lowes will take walk-ups, but only if there are kits available.  The workshops take place at 10 AM, and if you haven’t claimed your kit by 10:15, they allow a walk-up to take the kit.


What a great way to give the kids – and Dad – something to do with their Saturdays!