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30 Days of Thanks, Day 4 – Fuzzy, Warm Sweaters

We’re getting a Nor’easter this week.  I hate Nor’easters more than I hate any other type of weather boogey man.  I don’t mind wind – I own a small arsenal of hairspray.  I don’t mind rain – umbrellas seem to multiply in my closet, and I always have a ton of them.  But when you combine wind, rain, and throw in cold weather – oh, yuck.  I hate Nor’easters.

But it’s not just bad weather that makes you love a fuzzy, warm sweater.  There’s something protective about them.  You wrap yourself into your sweater, and you immediately feel like all is and always will be right with the world.

Fuzzy sweaters are sentimental.  I’m not sure why, but being wrapped in a fuzzy warm sweater brings up fuzzy warm memories of my grandparents.  My Grandpop Fee wore a sweater pretty much every day of his life, and I think when I put a sweater on, my thoughts and memories of him seem so much more vivid.  It’s like channeling my inner Grandpop.

Above all, fuzzy warm sweaters remind me of how blessed I am.  There is a roof over my head, food on my table, and warm clothes for me to dress my family in.  Especially at a time like this, when so many people are still trying to get power back, heat on, and food on the table after Hurricane Sandy, I am so thankful for fuzzy, warm sweaters.