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Lesbians, Gays and Disney – OH MY!

I have a friend who totally knows I’m writing about her (or at least she will by the time this blog is published and other people start telling her about it!).  She was reading something online about Gay Days at Walt Disney World, and as she is just in the beginning stages of planning her family vacation for next June, she was expressing some concern for the timing of her vacation.

“I’m not sure I want to have to explain ‘that’ to my kids just yet.”

She’s right to question.  I mean, who wants their kids exposed to that?  

Gay Days

Who wants their kids to see families enjoying a vacation together after working and saving all year to be able to spend this time with each other?  Who wants their kids to see dads holding onto their little ones as they scream with delight on Splash Mountain?  Who wants to see moms wiping chocolate from yet another Mickey bar off the face of an overzealous Mickey bar eating child?

Be careful, those of you who don’t want their kids to see affection shared between families.  I said affection.  I even looked up the word affection in the dictionary.  Nowhere did it say that affection meant stripping naked, slathering in oil (or mud, if the mood strikes), clearing all the dinner dishes off the table inside Cinderella’s Royal Table, and doing the horizontal mambo right there in front of the theme park public.  Affection – you know – the thing those of us with the defective “straight” gene show by hugging or holding hands, laughing and smiling when we talk to someone, generally enjoying each other’s company.  Who wants kids to see that?

gay days 2

Your kids will see people riding rides, watching shows, singing songs, enjoying meals, and you might even see someone pop the question to the one and only true love of their life in front of the castle.  Yeah, who wants their kids to see that?

Well, wait a minute, I’d want my kids to see that.  I want them to see happy families, loving couples, and Disney World.  How convenient that if you go to Walt Disney World the first week in June, you get to see all of that! 

So yes, person who may or may no longer be my friend after you see this blog post, you do want your kids exposed to that.  Love and family, in any form, is a beautiful thing to be exposed to.


10 Replies to “Lesbians, Gays and Disney – OH MY!”

  1. Bravo! I love this post. I have been at WDW while “Gay Days” took place and actually the thoughtfulness and caring nature of the people visiting far surpassed the thoughtfulness and caring exhibited by others. Because someone is gay doesn’t mean they don’t know how to behave in public. Sorry – but – shame on your friend. I have a friend (a conservative Mormon) that visited Disneyland last year with her young son. She wrote a blog post about how wonderful the day was and the only thing she had a hard time explaining to her son was the hatred and nasty comments that he overheard people saying. When I was at WDW I saw a banner plane continually flying over head WARNING people to stay away from the park because of Gay Day. I would rather explain to a child that love comes in all shapes and sizes and ways then have to explain hatred and bigotry.

    1. I love this!! It’s spot on – much better to expose your child to love than to the hate people conjure up. Bravo to your friend! The worst thing I’ve ever had to explain at WDW was two heterosexual adults engaging in what my then 5 year old called “honeymoon behavior”. They were all over each other in a “get a room” sort of way – SO uncomfortable!!

  2. My brother took his family once, not knowing it was “Gay Day.” The only complaint was that they’d put the little one in a red shirt so he’d be ready to spot. And then found themselves in a sea of red 🙂

  3. Well said! We already had plans to be at Disney this weekend…not the first time we’ve been at the park during Gay Days and I’m sure it won’t be the last either. It makes me proud to know we’ve raised our children to not think there is anything different about seeing same sex couples together…the only explanation I may have to give is “why are so many people wearing red today?” And I will gladly tell them why!

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