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Review – Shades of Green In Room Dining

After a long, hot day shopping, we opted to cancel a dining reservation at ‘Ohana (maybe it was the threat of matching grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts?) in favor of an evening of air conditioned comfort in our resort room. Room service began at 6 PM, and by then, we were starving! The menu wasn’t extensive, but everything sounded delicious.

SoG Menu


SoG menu 2

Eilis decided she was just going to get the chicken wing appetizer, so because I thought she might still be hungry, I added an appetizer of fried calamari to share. For my entree, I selected the ribeye steak. The $19.99 price for the steak also included a choice of house or Caesar salad, garlic mashed potatoes, and a vegetable. Let’s just say, for $20, my expectations were low. Wow, was I about to be surprised!

We live in Jersey, where the only thing we have more of than diners are Italian restaurants. Fried calamari is a restaurant staple here, and they give you a huge portion pretty much everywhere we go. They are a bit risky for me, because if they are overcooked just a little, I can’t swallow them. No matter how much I chew a rubbery ring, it’s going to get stuck and cause serious discomfort. The calamari at Shades of Green were so tender, lightly breaded, and seasoned practically to perfection. I have had calamari that I needed to dunk pretty liberally into the accompanying sauce to give them flavor, but I almost didn’t need the sauce for these – they were THAT good. Only complaint – it was a small portion. I toyed with the idea of just ordering this as my dinner, and I’m glad I didn’t. Eilis and I shared, but you would need another order if you were going to share any further.

There were a few more pieces, but we were starving - this couldn't wait for photos!
There were a few more pieces, but we were starving – this couldn’t wait for photos!

The Caesar salad was simple and good, nothing special, but tasty. I love roasted vegetables, and these were perfect – onions, peppers, and zucchini, tender with just a bit of a texture to bite into.

Who doesn’t like steak and potatoes? The garlic mash were a hit with Eilis, who helped me get through my plate. They were a tad thick and “sticky”, but did have a great taste. The ribeye was the star of the plate – absolute beefy perfection. The seasoning enhanced the flavor of the medium steak, and there was just the right amount of juice to mix in with the potatoes for added flavor there as well. This was possibly one of the best steaks I’ve had at Walt Disney World.


Eilis loved her wings – a healthy portion of 10 with a bleu cheese dressing. Don’t expect heat, though – these were kid friendly. Brighid inhaled, ummm, I mean enjoyed a chicken penne alfredo.

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I would say the portions were just enough – I was able to share thanks to gastric bypass, but a hungry Dad would be able to easily finish a meal and possibly an appetizer to boot.

We’re so glad we opted for in-room dining. The meal was great, the room service attendant awesome, and the price for our entire meal was less than the price for two at ‘Ohana. A delicious bargain – definitely a winner on two fronts!

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